ZOGI Labs Announces Launch of 2023’s Hottest Gaming Token MBLK via IDO in Two Days


ZOGI Labs, the innovative blockchain company and gaming studio, has announced the launch of Magical Blocks (MBLK) initial DEX offering (IDO) on April 14 at 5:00 pm UTC for the much-awaited Legends of Bezogia. The unique hybrid of gaming technology and blockchain integration is attracting attention from industry giants like Polygon, Cronos, BNB, Chainlink, DappRadar, Blockchain Game Alliance, Bloomberg, and Cointelegraph. Co-founder Nick Vadera expressed his pleasure about the exceptional demand for the whitelist phase, which was overwhelming for the company. He confidently said the company is looking forward to the MBLK public sale, and the excitement and anticipation will likely grow as more and more gamers and investors learn about the project.

The MBLK IDO is anticipated to be one of the most sought-after public sales of 2023, thanks to the captivating storyline, stunning graphics, and innovative game mechanics displayed by the Legends of Bezogia. In anticipation of the public sale, ZOGI Labs has heavily invested in marketing efforts such as engaging with gaming communities, top-tier influencers and promotional sites, and building multiple strategic partnerships to ensure a successful launch. The public sale is a unique opportunity for early adopters and avid gamers to access the magical world of Legends of Bezogia. The demand for MBLK is expected to skyrocket after release, further enhancing the buzz surrounding the IDO.

ZOGI Labs, which was established last year, is a multidivisional blockchain company and gaming studio and the team behind the revolutionary MMORPG Legends of Bezogia. The goal of ZOGI Labs is to merge blockchain technology and cutting-edge gaming mechanics to create an immersive digital realm, allowing gamers to escape into stunning otherworldly landscapes.

ZOGI Labs is raising the bar for crypto-based games with breathtaking graphics, a rich storyline, quirky characters, and a level of fun that keeps players playing. For those interested in taking part in the IDO, keep tabs on ZOGI Labs’ official Legends of Bezogia website and social media pages to join its community and be the first to know when the IDO goes live.


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