Get Brewing! Xbox Game Pass Drops Coffee Talk Episode 2 with Rave Reviews – Hibiscus & Butterfly Take Over!

David Wolinsky

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service adds yet another day-one game for April 2023, one that has launched alongside strong reviews.

The latest addition to Xbox Game Pass is Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly, a self-described “coffee brewing and heart-to-heart talking simulator.” In it, players—as a barista—talk to customers (human or otherwise) and influence their decisions over a warm drink, all set to a wonderful Lofi atmosphere.

For Coffee Talk Episode 2, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can expect to mix ingredients and discover new drinks, experimenting with and uncovering secret recipes that better connect them with customers. They can also create latte art, come to understand an urban fantasy setting of Seattle, and meet characters such as an elf freelance designer, a succubus bisdev exec, and an orc game developer.

While opinions obviously vary, it’s noteworthy that the first Coffee Talk’s reviews on the aggregate site OpenCritic come in as “Fair,” with a Top Critic Average of 74 and 65% of critics recommending it overall. The sequel comes in with “Strong” reviews on OpenCritic, with a Top Critic Average of 83 and 75% of critics recommending it.

For those on Xbox One, they can now check out Medieval Dynasty. It combines survival, simulation, roleplaying, and strategy elements to tell the story of someone trying to form their own dynasty in the Middle Ages. The two games’ launch on Xbox Game Pass means fans will be able to pick them up at no extra cost.

The Xbox Game Pass service has revealed its updated list of games for April 20-April 30. Aside from Coffee Talk Episode 2 and Medieval Dynasty, other games added include Homestead Arcana, Cassette Beasts, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Special Edition, and The Last Case of Benedict Fox.

The gaming service is gearing up for the release of Redfall in May, among other games yet to come. With a handful of games coming every month, Xbox Game Pass subscribers definitely have something to look forward to.

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