Xbox Game Pass Stuns Gamers with Four Exciting March Debuts!

David Wolinsky

MLB The Show 24 — March 19

MLB The Show 24 will hit Game Pass on March 19, with previous versions potentially leaving the service when the latest installment arrives.

Lightyear Frontier — March 19

After a delay, Lightyear Frontier will launch on March 19, offering farming, crafting, and exploration on an alien world. Learn about the ecosystem’s flora and fauna in this exciting Early Access game.

Open Roads — March 28

Delayed from February, the narrative adventure Open Roads will debut on Game Pass on March 28, inviting players to uncover family secrets with Tess and Opal.

Diablo IV — March 28

Surprising everyone, Diablo IV arrives on Game Pass in March, bringing Activision Blizzard’s acclaimed RPG to Microsoft’s service. Dive into this fantastic RPG next month for an unforgettable experience.

Stay tuned for more Game Pass updates, including exclusive releases lined up for Xbox fans in 2024 and beyond.

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