Get Ready Gamers! Xbox Game Pass Drops 2 Epic Titles Today, Including Day One Release

David Wolinsky

Microsoft has released an update to its Xbox Game Pass subscription service, adding two brand new games to its impressive lineup. The Xbox Game Pass service is known for its commitment to constantly adding new games to its growing collection, and this time it has managed to deliver on that promise. The latest release included in the subscription service is The Last Case of Benedict Fox, which is available to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers across PC and consoles. Along with The Last Case of Benedict Fox, Microsoft has also added another exciting title called BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Special Edition, which is available to play on all Xbox Game Pass platforms including cloud, consoles, and PC.

If you are not familiar with The Last Case of Benedict Fox, it is a Metroidvania game that involves Lovecraftian horror. The game has been receiving plenty of positive attention and its trailers look promising enough for it to be a hit as another indie surprise on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. It is still too early to say for sure, but subscribers can try out the game for themselves and draw their own conclusions.

The news of the new Xbox Game Pass additions today is exciting for many gamers who have been enjoying the service so far. Cassette Beasts, one of the highest-rated games of 2023, was recently released on PC Game Pass, and gamers can expect the console version to be launched on May 25. While it is too early to determine whether The Last Case of Benedict Fox will be as successful as Cassette Beasts, it is expected to be a strong closing for the Xbox Game Pass’s April 2023 offerings.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can enjoy this latest release and continue to look forward to more games in the future. There are multiple games headed for the Game Pass lineup next week as May begins, with first-party Xbox game Redfall as the most notable, a co-op vampire shooter. Redfall has looked impressive so far, and it will be exciting to see if it lives up to the hype. In the meantime, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can access the latest additions, including The Last Case of Benedict Fox, through their subscription.

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