Xbox’s Phil Spencer Stands Strong After Activision Blizzard Deal Blocked by UK – Here’s What It Means for the Future of Gaming!

Hayley Williams

After the UK government’s Competition and Markets Authority blocked Xbox’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, has reportedly reassured staff of the company’s resolve to forge ahead in the gaming industry. Despite the setback, Spencer’s words aim to confirm Microsoft’s determination to continue their efforts of becoming a major player in the industry, stating that the company will find other means to stay competitive and innovative in the cloud gaming marketplace.

The deal, worth $69 billion, would have allowed Xbox to acquire Activision Blizzard to align with its rival Sony’s owned game development company, PlayStation Studios, but due to cloud gaming concerns, the UK CMA blocked it. According to the CMA, the acquisition would lead to a reduced innovation and fewer choices for UK gamers.

Undaunted by the decision, Microsoft is reportedly working around it, finding other ways to make their mark in the industry. This is a test of the commitment of the company to continue making strides in the gaming sector and compete with other big players like Sony and Nintendo.

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