Xbox gamers stunned as new update prevents direct Twitter sharing of game clips

David Wolinsky

Xbox has confirmed that sharing game clips directly from Xbox consoles and PCs (via the Windows Game Bar) to Twitter has been disabled, likely due to Twitter’s API changes. While Microsoft hasn’t offered a reason for why this function has been removed, it does come in the wake of a new Twitter policy that charges companies a starting fee of $42,000 per month for API access.

With the release of the Xbox Series X|S consoles and an upgraded Xbox wireless controller, this process became even easier thanks to a dedicated capture button on the peripheral, which could be set up to capture a specific duration of content. However, Xbox is now advising that users make use of the Xbox mobile app to directly share clips on Twitter from their accounts.

Musk has also proposed charging developers up to $100 a month for ‘API access with ID verification’ as part of an effort to crack down on ‘bot scammers’ and ‘opinion manipulators,’ and this week saw the removal of blue checkmarks from legacy accounts on the platform.

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