Gamers Beware: Wo Long’s Fallen Dynasty Falls Short with Disappointing Low-Res Graphics on Xbox One S

Hayley Williams

The latest offering on Xbox Game Pass, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, has garnered some negative attention due to its subpar resolution on Xbox One. Despite being a cross-generation game, Digital Foundry’s analysis has shown that the game runs at 648p on the console, falling short of even 720p resolution. In addition, the textures and details are very low-res and hard to make out. It seems that playing the game on an Xbox One S is not an optimal experience, visually speaking.

However, the game’s performance on Xbox One is stable, with a consistent 30 FPS rate. The lack of a high-performance mode likely contributes to this, but it’s still a positive point for the game on this older console. That being said, it’s hard to ignore the vast improvements in resolution and detail that the Xbox Series X provides with its 60 FPS capabilities.

It’s worth noting that while the Xbox One may be considered outdated by some, there are still developers who are releasing games for it. the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on Xbox One is not the best graphical rendition of this game, but it still provides a playable experience for those who don’t own the latest consoles.

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