Unlock the Power of Your Xbox: Learn How to Use it as a Wireless Display Today!

David Wolinsky

Microsoft has developed an app that enables you to use your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S as an external wireless display. With the official Wireless Display app, you can stream music, movies, and even games to your Xbox console.

First, you must ensure that the Wireless Display app is available on your Xbox Store. This app allows you to cast any images, videos, or cast-able media straight from an external device to the setup that your Xbox is connected to. You can also cast games installed on your PC or other devices, which is a significant advantage for gamers.

To use the Wireless Display application, you should first check whether your external devices are compatible. Unfortunately, only Windows or Android-based devices are compatible with the Wireless Display app, but Xbox Cloud Gaming is supported on Windows, Android, and Apple devices.

To turn your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S into a wireless display, follow these easy steps: press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide menu, select My games & apps, followed by See all. Then, highlight the Apps tab and select the option for Wireless Display. Ensure that the Wireless Display app is open and running on your Xbox and move to your external Android or Windows device and Connect or Cast to your Xbox One or Series X|S.

The Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S console let you stream content and games from other compatible devices, allowing you to enjoy all forms of content and services through its platform. With further support for streaming games and content through Twitch, or even socializing through Discord, Xbox offers a wide range of ways to enjoy all forms of media through its platform.


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