Windows 11 for Steam Deck leaked in Microsoft Hackathon footage


Leaked Hackathon 2022 footage from Microsoft teases the possibility of a specific OS version for Steam Deck that would be compatible with Windows 11. The footage outlines the ambitions for UI, controller support, and drivers.

Although Windows 11 Steam Deck support already exists, the leaked footage is a pitch for an official version. The footage features ‘handheld mode,’ which includes its own big-picture mode and a console-like menu control feature called ‘Game Shell.’ The project aims to unify storefronts like Steam and Xbox Game Pass within a single library. However, this is still a pitch, and it is uncertain whether Microsoft will invest in making it a reality.

With the growing popularity of portable gaming PC devices like the Asus Rog Ally and Onexplayer Mini, creating a fully optimized Windows 11 handheld mode could propel the tech giant forward. Currently, SteamOS provides a better experience, and without a full commitment to the portable gaming market, it is uncertain whether future devices will carry on using Valve’s Linux and Proton compatibility layer combo.

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