Investigation reveals alarming levels of air pollution in UK cities


A recent investigation has revealed that the levels of air pollution in UK cities is alarmingly high, with the majority of cities exceeding safety limits set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The study was conducted by the Environmental Defense Fund Europe (EDF Europe) and found that air pollution levels are highest in London, where the annual mean was 65 micrograms per cubic meter. This is more than double the safety limit of 25 micrograms per cubic meter set by the WHO.

Other cities that were found to have unsafe levels of air pollution included Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham.

The report highlighted that harmful nitrogen dioxide emissions remain a significant problem in the UK, with diesel vehicles being the main source. The EDF Europe has called upon the UK government to take urgent action to reduce these emissions and improve air quality for citizens.

According to the report, air pollution is responsible for more than 40,000 premature deaths in the UK each year.

The UK government has acknowledged the issue of air pollution and has introduced policies to address the problem. However, many environmental groups argue that these policies do not go far enough to ensure the safety of citizens.

The EDF Europe report underscores the need for further action by the government and highlights the importance of public awareness and individual responsibility in reducing air pollution.

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