UK Announces Plans to Increase Renewable Energy Contribution to 40% by 2030


The UK Government has announced plans to increase its contribution of renewable energy to 40% by 2030, making significant strides towards meeting its net-zero carbon target by 2050.

The move comes in the wake of recent reports highlighting the need for urgent action to address climate change. The country is currently on track to miss its 2020 target of 15% renewable energy.

The new plan involves the doubling of renewable energy capacity and aims to reduce costs for consumers. Energy Secretary Alok Sharma said in a statement, ‘We want to drive a green industrial revolution, which will help to create jobs and businesses across the UK while making strides towards our net-zero carbon target.’

The announcement has been met with widespread support from environmental advocacy groups, including Greenpeace UK and Friends of the Earth. However, some critics have expressed concern over the timeline and feasibility of the plan.

Regardless, the UK government remains committed to tackling climate change and reducing its carbon footprint, and this new plan marks a significant step towards that goal.

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