Gamers Rejoice: Valheim’s Xbox Update Resolves Save Stability and Control Concerns!

Hayley Williams

Valheim players on Xbox have good news with a new patch, which brings more stability to saves and improves the console version, bringing it closer to PC. Valheim made a huge success in 2021, selling millions of copies while still in Early Access, which was originally available only on PC. The game is a Viking-inspired sandbox survival game, and now it is available for Xbox too, with Valheim being offered on Xbox Game Pass too.

The Valheim team has released a new update, particularly targeting improving the experience for Xbox gamers. The latest update includes a few heightmap fixes, fixing some gamepad and control input issues. More importantly, the update improves the stability of saves on Xbox. This feature was heavily requested by players, as lack of save stability was the biggest grief that Valheim players had.

Commenting on the tweet that announces the update, many users expressed their concerns about how often their saves get corrupted, leading to a loss of progress. In this latest update, Valheim improves the stability of saves on the Xbox. The 0.215.2 Valheim update already tried to fix cloud-saving issues, but the biggest grief that Valheim players had was the lack of save stability. While it is still unclear whether this issue will be finally solved for good soon or if Xbox players will still need to wait a few more weeks until the game is fully safe to play without fear of losing saves, the update is a step in the direction that players have been asking for.

Valheim is available now in Early Access for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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