Unleash Your Inner Detective with the Exciting Tokyo Psychodemic Game – Coming to PS5, Xbox Series, and More!

David Wolinsky

Gravity Game Arise has announced TOKYO PSYCHODEMIC, a new mystery adventure game that will be available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC (Steam). Its release date has not yet been announced by the developer.

The game is a 2D x cinematic realistic forensics investigation simulation game that challenges players to solve five percent of murder cases that remain unsolved. Players will have to work closely with their colleagues to use their specialized skills to obtain required physical evidence to solve cases using analytical tools and their investigation skills.

The game takes place after a pandemic in Japan, a new threat of an unknown virus with a fatality rate of 80 percent spread through Tokyo. The “virus” spread quickly, reaching the center of the nation, and even major bureaucrats and the prime minister were never to return home. There is a new threat of an unknown virus with a fatality rate of 80 percent that is spreading, and it is up to the players to solve the mysteries that arise from this pervasive pandemic.

The protagonist of TOKYO PSYCHODEMIC has a unique history of being captured and experimented on and turns his attention to a case that the police have been unable to solve to break the ties and the ambitions of the “Abnormal Cult Order. In the traces of the tragedies, there must be clues that connect the dots leading to the secluded psychics. Yes, in the unsolved cases.

The gameplay of Tokyio Psychodemic will be based on information of unsolved cases that arrive at the detective agency, and players will investigate the various circumstances that may be involved, such as the victim’s personal information or activity history from security cameras. Players will collect and confirm information on the evidence board and seek out the truth.

TOKYO PSYCHODEMIC will support English and Japanese language options, and players will be able to use evidence boards to deduce how the evidence gathered relates to the case. The game features an overview trailer that can be viewed online.


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