Everspace 2 Review: A Thrilling Space Exploration Game


Everspace 2 has finally launched its full 1.0 version and it is a game that offers an outstanding space exploration experience. Players can explore over 100 unique locations spread across multiple star systems as they travel through space.

The game lets you control Adam Roslin who returns from the first Everspace. Interestingly, after the events of the first game, there is a break in the clone cycle, which means that once the clone dies, Adam Roslin dies for good. This story element sets the game apart, and makes it more of an open-world exploration game than a roguelike space combat game.

The game comes with accessibility options that cater to a wide range of gamers, but players prone to motion sickness may experience issues with this game. The game’s core mechanics of flying a spaceship and full range of motion can be disorienting. However, controlling the spacecraft with an easy-to-learn controller input makes it approachable.

Overall, Everspace 2 offers space exploration at its finest, fun spacecraft fighting action, and comic book-style cutscenes that can be skipped if need be! This game is perfect for anyone with a love for all things space and science fiction.


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