Upcoming AAA Game ‘The Last of Us Part II’ Set to Release in June 2020


Get ready to enter the post-apocalyptic world once again with the upcoming release of ‘The Last of Us Part II’, the sequel to the critically acclaimed game ‘The Last of Us’. Set to release on June 19, 2020, the game has already garnered much attention and anticipation from fans.

The game follows the story of Ellie, a teenage girl who is immune to the deadly viral outbreak that has ravaged the world, and her journey to survive and seek revenge. Developed by Naughty Dog, the game promises to offer an immersive and emotional experience with stunning graphics, improved gameplay, and an even more engaging storyline than its predecessor.

Players will be able to explore a wider range of environments in the game, including dense forests and ruined cityscapes. The game will also feature more infected types and enemy factions than the first game, making for a more challenging and diverse gameplay experience.

‘The Last of Us Part II’ has been in development for several years and was originally slated for release in February 2020, but was delayed to ensure that the game meets the high expectations of both the developers and the fans. The game will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 4 console, and is already available for pre-order.

Are you excited for the release of ‘The Last of Us Part II’? Let us know in the comments below, and get ready to embark on an emotional and action-packed journey in June 2020.


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