Get Ready to Fight Like Never Before: Street Fighter 6 on PS5 and PS4 Promises to Be a Game-Changer!

David Wolinsky

Capcom’s Street Fighter 5 was a huge disappointment to fans and pro players. But with Street Fighter 6 PS5, PS4, the company has pulled out all the stops in delivering a knockout game to shut the skeptics up. The game’s graphics are impressive, with chunky, obsessively animated character models and painterly backdrops adding to its class. Plus, the game boasts a wide range of game modes that cater to both pro players and casual gamers alike.

Street Fighter 6 PS5, PS4 offers an Arcade mode that lets players play through a ladder in either five or 12 battle permutations. The game’s suite of traditional modes contained in the Fighting Grounds and the new single-player mode World Tour add to the game’s robustness, making gameplay fast and easy to access. The Character Guides are especially impressive, as they teach players the intricacies of each character’s moves.

Players can practice at any point, thanks to the touchpad function, and the tutorial text adds flavour to the game. The inclusion of Modern Controls is helpful to onboard newcomers. The combat is immense, with Lily and Cammy among the characters that we enjoyed playing in the game.

Street Fighter 6 PS5, PS4’s World Tour Mode is scrappy but wacky, offering players an oddball RPG-like adventure. Players can create a character and complete quests with other recognizable Street Fighter heroes, equip different clothing sets for statistical boosts, and more. The writing is funny and camp, and the minigames that players can partake in are as ridiculous as they sound.

With a live service model promising new content beyond launch, Street Fighter 6 PS5, PS4 is sure to be an instant hit when it picks a fight with PS5 and PS4 later this summer. Although it’s designed to be a competitive game first and foremost, the game’s abundance of single-player content is likely to give everyone a reason to get involved.

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