Unleash Your Inner Fighter: Street Fighter 6 Demo Available NOW on Xbox Series X and S!

David Wolinsky

Capcom has released a free demo of Street Fighter 6 on Xbox Series X and S, which features an early peek into the game’s ‘World Tour’ story mode. This demo had arrived for PlayStation platforms a week ago, and now Xbox players are also getting a taste of the action.

You can now explore the game’s campaign content on Xbox Series X and S, and take your time fully exploring what the Street Fighter 6 demo has to offer. The demo section does not have any time limit, which means it is expected to remain available even after the game’s release. However, Capcom has decided to skip an Xbox One launch for SF6, which may disappoint some Xbox gamers.

Street Fighter 6 is set for its full release on June 2, 2023, and will only be available on Xbox Series X and S consoles. The game is introducing players to its roster of characters through the upcoming demo’s World Tour mode, ensuring that gamers are all set and ready to go when the full game arrives.


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