Steam Deck Projected to Sell Over 3 Million Units by 2023, Omdia Predicts


Valve’s latest foray into hardware innovation, the Steam Deck, has been forecasted to sell over 3 million units throughout 2023 by analysts at Omdia, following on from their recent success.

After a failed attempt into the console market with the Steam Machines, the handheld-PC hybrid provides players with the horsepower needed for lighter, handheld gaming whilst on the go. Delivering a unique in-between device, the Steam Deck offers an alternative to consoles and traditional PC gaming with the added benefit of being a portable device.

Previous reports in October 2022 had confirmed Steam Deck had already sold over one million units, but following Omdia’s recent projections, it’s suggested that the Steam Deck will sell an estimated 1.62 million units in 2022, and about 1.85 million units throughout 2023. This could potentially lead to the Steam Deck selling over 3.47 million total units by the end of 2023.

With more OEMs releasing their own versions of handheld-PC hybrids that could be powered by the SteamOS, Valve confirmed they are currently experimenting with different hardware concepts to facilitate living room PC gaming, and are expected to release new Steam Deck models soon.

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