Get Ready to Make a Splash with Splatoon 3’s Latest Update: Nintendo Switch Unveils Version 3.1.1!

Hayley Williams

Nintendo continues to support Splatoon 3 with fresh updates and launched a new one recently. Version 3.1.1 includes various changes to Splatfests and fixes for multiplayer, Salmon Run, and some minor adjustments. According to the game’s official support page, the upcoming version will focus on balance adjustments and additional features for the new edition set to release in June, slated to launch at the end of the current season.

The announcement regarding Version 3.1.1 was made via social media. The patch will adjust ink coloring during Splatfests and introduce data related to future Splatfests. We can expect further changes in the next update to ink coloring when using Color Lock. Additionally, Nintendo addressed several issues like players landing in unintended locations during Super Jump and crashing of the game at the start of a special wave in rare cases.

The update also addressed an issue where the music and performances during a Splatfest became out of sync if the main menu was open for an extended period. Another minor issue was fixed where edits to the player’s locker would be canceled if a schedule transition occurred while the player was editing. This update is compatible with Version 3.1.0 battle replays but not compatible with Version 3.0.1 or earlier battle replays.

Moreover, in the coming days, Splatoon 3 is hosting a special Zelda-themed Splatfest wherein inklings and octolings can side with power, wisdom or courage. The one with the highest number of votes will win. Nintendo is offering a free, in-game T-shirt food item to redeem and support your team.

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