God of War Ragnarok Fans Rejoice: Massive Patch Update Brings Epic New Features!

Hayley Williams

God of War Ragnarok has received a new patch update from Santa Monica Studio for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 platforms. This patch update aims to resolve a number of bugs and errors that have been detected by the players. The bulk of this update is about addressing various issues that have surfaced within the game. Also, a New Game+ mode was introduced in the last patch update of the game in April that unintentionally created more problems in Ragnarok.

For the PS5 and PS4 platforms, the update resolves equipment, combat, and audio issues. Santa Monica Studio is aware of a problem involving save imports from PS4 to PS5, and has provided a temporary workaround to help players frustrated with the annoyance. The complete solution for the bug should be made available within the coming days or weeks.

The patch notes released by Santa Monica Studio include fixes for a rare case where Kratos could branch into weapon move-sets while in the Fury Rage mode, a case where music from the final quest would play whenever loading in from the main menu or restarting checkpoint in Midgard during post-game in New Game+, and many more.

Players have also been informed that the application could crash when browsing the Sparring Arena menu and selecting ‘Ingrid’ as the companion, and Bjorn boss fight would cause Kratos’ Rage Meter to disappear and not allow the player to change Rage they had equipped when restarting from the checkpoint. These issues and more have been fixed in the latest patch update for God of War Ragnarok.


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