Sony Conducting User Research at London Office for Gamers with Disability Limitations


Mark Friend, the head of PlayStation Studios’ Accessibility arm, has recently announced that Sony is conducting user research at its London Office. The format holder is calling for players with disability limitations to participate in an upcoming playtest in London.

The playtest will take place on April 25 to April 27, offering four-hour sessions with an incentive of £120. As for the participants, Sony will be looking for gamers with low vision and those whose motor disabilities limit their mobility in their hands and arms, where they can get insights to improve the player experience.

Accessibility has been a major focus for PlayStation Studios since the PS5 era, and the first-party titles, including the God of War Ragnarok and The Last of Us Part 1, have provided comprehensive accessibility tools for gamers with various disabilities. Sony has been consistent in ensuring that its new games are accessible, and with its user research, the gaming giant shows its commitment to ensuring everyone can enjoy gaming.

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