SEGA Genesis-Nintendo Switch Online Adds Four Classic Video Games


Nintendo has recently announced the addition of four classic video games to the SEGA Genesis-Nintendo Switch Online library. The games include Flicky, Pulseman, Kid Chameleon and Street Fighter II’: Special Champion Edition. All four games bring a unique style of gameplay and adventure to the table.

Flicky is an arcade game featuring a blue bird who picks up chirps for snack time, while avoiding the mean cat Tiger. Pulseman, on the other hand, takes place in the distant future of 2015, where an heroic boy named Pulseman tries to stop a genius scientist from conquering the galaxy. In the side-scrolling game Kid Chameleon, the player takes on the role of a hero with nine different faces, and must use special powers of his nine different helmets to beat over 100 levels. Street Fighter II’: Special Champion Edition, improved on the original edition of the game by offering players even more options to keep the competition fierce. This includes mirror matches, new moves, and the option to play in either Champion or Hyper modes.

All four games are available now on Nintendo Switch Online as part of the SEGA Genesis library. Players can play these games as part of their Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership, and enjoy hours of classic gaming fun.

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