Shocking Study Reveals the Dark Side of Screen Time for Children’s Mental Health – Learn How to Protect Your Kids!

Hayley Williams

A new study has revealed that children who spend too much time in front of screens may be at risk of poorer mental health. The study, which was conducted by researchers at a leading university, found that children who spend more than two hours a day during weekdays on screens had lower self-esteem, higher anxiety levels, and more difficulty sleeping than those who had less screen time.

The study analyzed data from over 5,000 children aged between 8 and 11, and found that those who exceeded the recommended time limits for screen use were more likely to experience negative effects on their mental health. These effects were particularly pronounced amongst children who spent a lot of time on social media or playing video games.

The study’s lead author emphasized the importance of parents setting limits on their children’s screen time and encouraging other activities, such as playing outside or engaging in creative pursuits. The authors also called for more research into the specific effects of different types of screen use on children’s mental health.

While the study did not establish a causal link between screen time and poorer mental health, it suggests that excessive screen use may be a contributing factor. The findings add to a growing body of evidence highlighting the potential negative effects of technology on children’s development and well-being.

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