Unleash Your Inner Viking: Bramble – The Epic Puzzle Platformer That Will Take You on a Nordic Journey!

David Wolinsky

Are you ready to dive into the world of Nordic mythology while solving simple puzzles and navigating platforming sequence? We’ve got the game for you. Bramble: The Mountain King, developed by Dimfrost Studio, is a dark, folktale game for the Nintendo Switch that tells the story of a young boy named Olle who has to rescue his missing sister from the Mountain King.

The game is filled with a variety of mythological creatures like pig demons, grotesque nymphs, gnomes, and even stone giants and frog kings that Olle befriends in his journey. The game’s pacing, however, comes a bit sluggish as the player would need to go through a lot of trials, but with repetitive mechanics.

Although the game has some flaws in controls and camera, Bramble: The Mountain King’s narration, atmospheric music, and enchanting environments will make you feel like you’re part of the story. The set camera and cumbersome movement can often hamper Olle’s adventures, but frequent checkpoints ease the frustration.

If you are intrigued by dark fables and love to experience them through television, Bramble: The Mountain King might be the game for you. It may not be a perfect game, but it’s worth trying out for fans of puzzle platformers and Nordic mythology enthusiasts.


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