Redfall Xbox Series X|S Review: The Must-Play Game That Will Leave Gamers Begging for More!

Hayley Williams

Arkane Studios’ much-awaited looter shooter, Redfall, has finally launched for Xbox Series X|S players through Xbox Game Pass. With its Stranger Things/suburban gothic vibes and unique character and landscape design that are hallmarks of Arkane’s previous releases, Redfall appears to have all the makings of a great game. We took a closer look at this much-awaited game and found it to be a mixed bag.

The game is a balancing act between Arkane’s world-building and story-telling abilities and its co-op looter shooter side, which isn’t always successfully executed. In the game’s roughly 20-hour running time, the balancing act between the two aspects of the game is felt most keenly in the opening hours when playing solo, where the action can seem relatively unchallenging and slow-paced. The game does pick up considerably once you get past the first proper boss and graduate to the second area in the game.

Redfall offers a roster of four heroes, and players can mix things up by combining their powers to create fun and effective combos. There’s a decent array of weapons available that come in various rarities, but the loot doesn’t inspire much excitement. The laid-back approach of Redfall’s looter shooter shifts away from the careful micro-management found in Destiny or The Division. Compared to other looter shooters, Redfall’s shooting and powers are serviceable, but not extraordinary.

If you’re looking for a stylish and uniquely chilled-out bit of vampire slaying with friends, Arkane’s Redfall is the game for you. The game boasts many excellent sights and an atmosphere that feels like a mix of Deathloop’s Blackreef, Dishonored’s Dunwall, Prey’s Talos 1 blitzed with Buffy and Stranger Things. The combination certainly has its appeal, but the game sparks some irksome AI issues and a lack of clarity over what it strives to be. Hardcore shooter aficionados and Arkane fans may not find Redfall entirely satisfying.

Overall, Redfall comes across as a decent game with plenty of flashes of Arkane’s style and narrative flair. While the game does not excite seasoned looter shooter fans or hardcore genre enthusiasts, the game still offers a solid foundation to build on in the future. Redfall receives a Not Bad 6/10 score from us.

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