Get ready to fall in love: Qureate’s Love on Leave adventure game is coming to Switch and PC!

Hayley Williams

Japanese publisher and developer qureate, along with its partner Orgesta, has revealed its side-scrolling countryside romance adventure game Love on Leave. The game launches for Switch and Steam on May 18th, with a $24.99 price. You can play it in English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese languages.

Love on Leave is a romantic adventure game set in the countryside. Players take the role of Akito Kiyama, who wishes to take his mind off work and finds himself entangled with three Amakusa sisters he had not seen in years. The sisters are Amane, Hibiki, and Kanami. While the game’s events screens are static; players move side-scrolling forward, and with the game’s help nurture and immerse themselves in the Amakusa sisters’ romance.

You start as a tired employee, Akito Kiyama, who quit his job and thinks to spend a relaxing time in his hometown in the countryside. However, after returning to his hometown, Akito faces an unexpected predicament, and his vacation plans get thwarted. Surprisingly, he meets three women whom he used to play with as a child. These three women are none other than the Amakusa sisters. It is now up to the player to nurture a romance with one of them or all of them.

The game Love on Leave is an adventure game that aims to connect with players emotionally. Players get to know the Amakusa sisters well, complete their requests to improve likability, and to increase their odds of a perfect ending based on the choices made throughout the game. The game will give players the option to enjoy living in the countryside, visiting nearby mountains, fishing, and exploring.

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