Quantum Break’s triumphant return to Steam and Xbox Game Pass after brief hiatus!

Hayley Williams

Microsoft has resolved the licensing issue that caused Quantum Break to be pulled from both Steam and Xbox Game Pass earlier this month, and the game is once again available for purchase on both platforms.

Originally announced in 2013 and released in 2016, Quantum Break is a unique title that combines elements of a game and a live-action TV show. The game tells the story of Jack Joyce, a character who gains time-manipulation powers after his experiment with a time-machine goes awry. The game sees the player making choices that directly affect the live-action TV show, which features the actors of the game’s characters.

While the game was originally meant to be a sequel to Alan Wake, it eventually evolved into a suspenseful third-person shooter that made innovative use of time-based mechanics. The TV portions of the game were directed by Ben Ketai and produced by Lifeboat Productions, while the game portion was developed and produced by Remedy Entertainment.


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