Get Ready to Level Up Your Gaming Experience: PlayStation Plus Announces May 2023’s Incredible Free PS4 and PS5 Games

Hayley Williams

Sony has confirmed the next titles that every PlayStation Plus subscriber will get during May 2023, ranging from racing cars and bikes to razing enemy fortresses. The Playstation Plus May 2023 games for PS4 and PS5 are GRID: Legends, Chivalry 2, and Descenders. The games will be available from Tuesday, May 2, until Tuesday, June 6. None of the titles are day one releases but have been deemed worth playing.

PlayStation Plus subscribers are reminded to redeem the free titles from the previous month before the announcement of the new PS Plus games. The titles of April 2023 are Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Meet Your Maker, and Tails of Iron, and can be claimed and downloaded until May 1.

Get ready for a month filled with medieval multiplayer battles, circuit racing, and extreme biking.

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