Breaking News: Catch ‘Em All on Nintendo Switch Online with Pokemon Stadium, But It’s Not That Simple!

Hayley Williams

Pokemon Stadium, a classic battle-focused N64 game, is set to arrive on Nintendo Switch Online on April 12, 2023. The game, however, has a huge catch – players won’t be able to transfer their own Pokemon to it. This means the feature of bringing your well-trained Pokemon from your other Pokemon titles has been removed, which was a part of the game’s appeal for many players, who would then engage in battles in the game’s engaging 3D format. As a result, gamers are left to compromise with the rental teams provided in the game. Although this might not be as satisfying for some players, many would still enjoy playing the game’s battles.

The announcement of Pokemon Stadium’s arrival on Nintendo Switch Online was made during a September 2022 Direct event, where many other N64 games were also announced to be added to the service, such as Excitebike 64, 1080° Snowboarding, and Pokemon Stadium 2. Subscription to Nintendo’s more expensive expansion pack tier is needed to access the N64 games, which of course includes the all-time favorite, GoldenEye 007, releasing for the first time since its original launch on N64.

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