Breaking News: Firewalk Studios Joins PlayStation Studios for Epic Gaming Experience!

David Wolinsky

PlayStation Studios has officially announced its expansion with Firewalk Studios to bring them to the PlayStation family. This talented team of creatives will now be working on an original AAA multiplayer game for PlayStation, connecting players in unique and innovative ways.

Firewalk shares the passion of PlayStation Studios for creating inspiring gaming worlds, grounded in exceptional gameplay. Since announcing our publishing partnership with Firewalk in 2021, here at PlayStation, we have recognized their ambitions to create a modern multiplayer game. We are confident that their technical and creative proficiency will continue to deliver special game experiences for gamers all over the world.

Founded over five years ago, Firewalk Studios started with the goal of bringing memorable moments to gaming. Now the team is thrilled to join the esteemed PlayStation Studios, a family responsible for producing some of the top games of this age. Tony Hsu and Ryan Ellis, the Studio Head and Game Director of Firewalk respectively, revealed that being a part of PlayStation Studios means becoming part of a community that champions great gaming experiences.

They expressed their enthusiasm for PlayStation Studios’ future partnership, and the commitment of their team to make the best games possible. With this news, we wait in anticipation for the game that Firewalk and PlayStation Studios will create together.

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