Get Ready to Rewind: Picross S9 Launches on Nintendo Switch with Revolutionary New Mode and Record-Breaking 485 Puzzles!

Hayley Williams

Are you ready for the ninth mainline series entry of the Picross puzzle series on Switch? Jupiter’s Picross S9 features a brand new ‘rewind’ feature that allows players to easily spot their mistakes and make quick changes during gameplay. S9 launches tomorrow, April 27th, and will offer over 485 new puzzles to solve at the price of £8.99/$9.99.

With 300 Picross and Mega Picross puzzles, 150 Clip Picross puzzles, 30 Color Picross puzzles, and five Extra puzzles, three of which require linking previous data, there is plenty of fresh, deductive, dot-plopping column action to enjoy. Additionally, returning from the previous instalment is the local co-op mode, which allows up to four players to work together and solve challenges.

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