Xbox Fans Disappointed as Oxenfree 2 Launches Without Xbox Support!

David Wolinsky

The news that video game Oxenfree 2 will not be released on Xbox has caused concern for fans of the platform. While the game will be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, and even Netflix in July 2023, the lack of an Xbox version has caused the trending hashtag “No Xbox” on Twitter.

Although Oxenfree 2’s initial release is not planned for Xbox, it’s possible that it may still come to the platform later. However, the trend of game developers skipping Xbox for their releases is becoming more apparent. Fans are disappointed with Square Enix for recently releasing several games on multiple platforms, including Game Boy Color, but not Xbox.

This latest news regarding Oxenfree 2 has caused concern for Xbox users, but all is not lost as there were still plenty of other exciting announcements during the recent Nintendo Indie Direct event. The release of multiple games for Xbox has also been confirmed, so the platform still has a lot to offer.

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