How to Avoid Your Nintendo Switch Becoming Unplayable – Tips from Nintendo

Hayley Williams

Japanese company Nintendo recently issued an advisory sharing advice for owners of its popular portable gaming console, Nintendo Switch. The advisory addresses a specific issue with the platform’s battery which, if left unused for an extended period of time, could result in the device being unable to charge. Owners who let the console sit unused for too long without charging it may find that its battery has fully drained, rendering the Switch unplayable when they finally want to play their games.

In light of this issue, Nintendo advises users to charge the device every six months, at least. The advisory has already been shared widely since it was posted on Twitter, with more than 3,700 retweets as of writing.

The Nintendo Switch has been in the market for six years, and while it has experienced hardware issues with its Joy-Cons and battery life, it continues to remain popular with gamers due to its impressive library of exclusive titles. However, the company is still working to address these hardware issues and has been transparent with the public about how to approach known problems with the Switch’s built-in batteries.

Despite newer versions of the console such as V2 and the Nintendo Switch OLED having slightly longer battery life, many gamers still own the first released model of the console. It’s important for everyone to be aware of this issue and how to avoid it to prolong the life of their Nintendo Switches.

While Nintendo has not yet addressed what fans and owners should do when their Nintendo Switch’s battery is already fully drained or unable to turn on, it is likely that those affected will have to get their lithium-ion batteries replaced through official customer service centers in order to keep their device functional.

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