New Nintendo Switch Update Includes Surprising Banned Word in Japan


Nintendo has released a new system update for the Nintendo Switch that includes a banned word in the Japanese region. While the patch notes only mention general stability improvements, dataminers have found that the word “ADHD” was added to the Japanese bad words list. The new banned word will affect users with a Japanese region account, which makes it harder for them to type the word while using the console.

The purpose of the bad words list is to prevent bullying, harassment, or any other kind of negative behavior between users on the gaming platform. This move by Nintendo seems to be a preemptive measure to curb any use of inappropriate language by users.

Aside from the banned word, Nintendo has also updated its SSL module, which handles establishing secure connections to servers. SwitchBrew contributors have noted that the modification to the SSL system module probably fixes a memory leak issue, which could have been a vulnerability that Nintendo wanted to address before any security breaches could occur.

While the changes may seem minor, it’s worth noting that Nintendo has a reputation for being proactive and diligent in addressing any issue that could affect its system or user experience. Moreover, gamers who have Switch Online subscriptions and Japanese region accounts will benefit from this update as it will help them access Japan-only games that were released through Switch Online for that region.

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