Get Ready Sports Fans – Nintendo Switch Celebrates One-Year Anniversary with Exciting Poll for Next Sport Addition!

Hayley Williams

It has been one year since Nintendo Switch Sports was released, and many gamers are looking for more content to be added to the game’s lineup. While golf was added in November of 2017, gamers are still looking for another sport to be added to the mix.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary, a poll was conducted to see which sport gamers would like to see added next. The poll featured options from previous Nintendo sports titles, such as baseball, boxing, archery, and basketball. Other options included air sports, canoeing, cycling, frisbee, power cruising, wakeboarding, and table tennis.

Although there is no confirmation from Nintendo that more content will be added to the game, gamers are still hopeful. It is worth noting that one building on the game’s main selection screen appears to taunt players by promising another sport will be added.

While baseball was the most popular choice in the poll, gamers can use the ‘Other’ option to speculate on what other sport may be added in the future.

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