Unlocking the power of the Nintendo Switch to overcome executive dysfunction and make new friends!

David Wolinsky

Are you struggling with executive dysfunction when it comes to leisure activities, like gaming on the Nintendo Switch? Priya Sridhar shares her personal experience and how building relationships on the Nintendo Switch has helped her combat executive dysfunction and enjoy gaming more.

Executive dysfunction occurs when the mind resists doing a task, resulting in incomplete tasks or unfulfilled leisure time. This is especially prevalent among those who are neurodivergent or have a lot of responsibilities, including writing about video games like Sridhar. Fear and blockage can arise, causing individuals to postpone leisure activities like gaming on the Nintendo Switch.

However, Sridhar found that building friendships on the Switch made it easier to regularly use the device and enjoy gaming. The positive feedback sounds and reminder to turn on and charge the device regularly were helpful, as well as having someone to hold her accountable for enjoying gaming. Additionally, the process of manually entering friend codes on the Switch reminded Sridhar of the special people who are also part of the Nintendo network.

If you’re struggling to enjoy gaming on the Nintendo Switch because of executive dysfunction, consider building friendships on the platform as a strategy for combatting the condition.


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