Nintendo Switch 2 – Features, Specifications and Potential Release Date



The rumors of Nintendo Switch 2 have been smoldering again in 2023. It is likely that the Japanese gaming company is working on the successor of the aging hardware of the current Switch console. Nintendo has iterated its handheld consoles in the past, and it is expected that the company will introduce a new version of the popular gaming console. Nintendo’s CEO, Doug Bowser, hinted in an interview that they are always looking for new unique ways to play games, and it seems like we could expect something new very soon.

Nintendo Switch 2 Latest News

The Nintendo Switch 2 rumors lack sound confirmation, but here are the latest updates:

  • We expect the Nintendo Switch 2 to be powered by Nvidia chip despite rumors of other chips from AMD.
  • Backward compatibility for Switch games might not happen in the next version of the console.
  • The Switch 2’s release date might be in late 2023 if a recent job listing for Dune Awakening is taken into account.

Potential Release Date and Price

If recent rumors are anything to go by, the Nintendo Switch 2 could arrive in the second half of 2023. However, reports of a shadow drop during the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdoms remain uncertain. The potential price range for the console could be around $349/£309/AU$539 based on the pricing of the Switch OLED.


Reports suggest that the console might be powered by an Nvidia chip, possibly developing a custom chipset for the Switch 2. Nintendo has a reputation for creating handheld consoles with iterative features. Therefore, we might expect to see better power performance, 4K compatibility, and an OLED display as standard. Further, it is expected that the Nintendo Switch 2 will come with backward compatibility for games, work with existing game accessories, and offer new features like improved Wi-Fi connectivity, better Joy-Con controllers, and battery life.


Despite the rumors of Nintendo Switch 2, it’s essential to take everything with a pinch of salt. While we get ready for a possible launch, it is only fair to keep our expectations realistic. As of now, it seems like we can expect a powerful successor to the Nintendo Switch in the future, and only time will tell if all the rumors will hold.

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