Nintendo to offer free Star Wars: Republic Commando Switch Online trial in North America


In honor of Star Wars Day, which is just around the corner, Nintendo has decided to offer a free Star Wars: Republic Commando Switch Online trial exclusively for North America. The game trial will be available for download from 20th April until 26th April for all NintendoSwitchOnline members.

The game will be available as a free download for the aforementioned period, which means players don’t have to pay anything extra to try it out during this duration. Additionally, Switch Online members can earn 100 MyNintendo Platinum Points by participating in this game trial.

It must be pointed that Republic Commando didn’t release in the best state on the Switch, but Aspyr eventually rolled out a frame rate and performance update for the game.

The digital version will be 50% off its regular price until 26th April, which presents an excellent opportunity for interested players to get their hands on the game at a discounted price.

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