Exciting News! Nintendo’s Next Console Might Offer Backward Compatibility – Get Ready to Play Your Old Favorite Games Again!

Hayley Williams

Recent job postings at Nintendo suggest that the company’s upcoming gaming console will offer backward compatibility, a key feature that was missing from the Switch. Although previous rumors suggested the same, this time the rumors are rooted in a current job posting, as opposed to insider tips from sources.

The Switch has been a revolutionary console, and one of Nintendo’s top-selling products, despite not offering backward compatibility. However, that may change with the new console. Earlier gaming systems from Nintendo, like the Wii U and Wii, were backward-compatible with the previous one, as was the DS with Game Boy Advance titles, and the 3DS with DS games.

The recently surfaced job listing by Nintendo European Research and Development (NERD) indicates that cross-platform development intended for both “current and next-generation Nintendo platforms” will be the focus of the engineer hired for the position. While this wording is somewhat cryptic, it is likely that Nintendo plans to continue making Switch games in the future, which could imply that a new console may be backward-compatible with the Switch.

The NSO library attempted to offer some backward compatibility of sorts, but its current catalog is rather limited. The NSO library continues to grow with new offerings, which could become an even bigger focus with the release of Nintendo’s new system. Rumors are suggesting that the new console will use an Nvidia-made chipset, since the Tegra X1 powers the Switch. If Nintendo’s new console is powered by an Nvidia Tegra X2 chip, it would make realizing backward compatibility between two systems much simpler.

Shigeru Miyamoto, the legendary game director, confirmed that backward compatibility remained on Nintendo’s radar, and recent developments in technology indicate that it will be easier to achieve than ever before. Whether it will be achieved through software emulation or hardware is yet to be confirmed, but Nintendo’s newly surfaced job listing is certainly fueling speculation.


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