Level up your gaming experience with PDP’s new Zelda Switch accessories that glow in the dark!

David Wolinsky

Third-party gaming company, PDP, has just announced the launch of new Zelda-themed Switch accessories that are sure to excite nostalgic gamers worldwide. These accessories, including a Rematch wired controller and a ‘semi-hard’ Travel Case, both feature breath-taking designs, with the main silhouette image being Link surrounded by Sheikah iconography. Even more exciting is that the design on both items can also glow in the dark, adding to an already impressive feature list.

The Rematch wired controller, which retails at $27.99, is a fantastic value-for-money option, exceeding Nintendo’s more expensive Switch Pro wireless controller in several specifications. The Rematch features a 3.5mm headphone jack for wired listening, adjustable volume control, a grippy texture around the hand grips, and two customizable back paddles. It’s important to note that it does not support rumble or amiibo functionalities.

The accompanying $19.99 Travel Case also boasts the glowing Link and Sheikah iconography design, providing a visually-stunning hard case that can carry small gaming accessories like games, headphones, and a cable. Furthermore, the case’s built-in mesh pocket can also store these items in an organized way. The inside of the case can serve as a stand for the Nintendo Switch, making it easier than ever to set your console up almost anywhere.

Both accessories are available now on PDP’s website, and the company has confirmed that other retailers will soon stock these iconic items. So, if you’re an avid Zelda fan or just want some distinctly-styled new accessories for your Nintendo Switch, head over to PDP’s site and place an order now to enjoy a fresh look and exciting new functions.


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