Cassette Beasts Unleashed: Get Ready to Explore a New World on Xbox and Switch!

David Wolinsky

Cassette Beasts, a retro monster-collecting and battling RPG, developed by Bytten Studio, is all set to release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch on May 25th after its release on Windows PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store today, April 26th. The announcement was made by the publisher Raw Fury along with a new trailer. The game will be available on Xbox Game Pass on its launch day, and players can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience in this open-world RPG.

Cassette Beasts allows players to collect and transform monsters during turn-based battles while exploring the vast New Wirral Island inhabited by strange creatures. With the help of a cassette tape, players can record monsters and transform into them to fight with the constant threat of monster attacks. Additionally, players can combine two monster forms using the game’s Fusion System to create unique and powerful new ones.

Cassette Beasts offers an exciting experience for the players with its deep battle system, diverse cast of human companions to travel with, and a rich open world to explore. Players can benefit from the strengths of their companion and fuse together to gain an advantage in battle. They can also try out monster abilities to help solve puzzles and locate dungeons in human form. By mastering the game’s deep battle system, players can take advantage of elemental chemistry to apply extra buffs or debuffs alongside their attack to defeat their opponents.

Cassette Beasts is an adventure-packed game that lets players enjoy monster-collecting and battling in an exciting new way.

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