Get Ready to Explore New Frontiers: Minecraft Legends’ Exciting First Game Update Now Live on Xbox!

David Wolinsky

The spin-off edition of Minecraft, Minecraft Legends, has received its first game update. Mojang and Blackbird Interactive have recently released the update, which offers matchmaking improvements, fixes for stability and performance that are based on reviews from the community. The game now has improved matchmaking with faster starting timers where the game will commence in just 10 seconds once at least six players have joined a public lobby. Performance and stability fixes include resolving spawn issues, fixing crashes that occurred in various scenarios, and improving the input delay on Nintendo Switch.

In addition, text wrapping improvements were made with Arabic and Hebrew localization, along with numerous translations fixes including button mapping for the Japanese localization. The update is currently being made available to supported Xbox platforms. The developers have called on the community to continue providing feedback so that they can provide a better experience with future updates. It is said that Minecraft Legends has already seen over 3 million players from its launch.

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