Grab the Deluxe Edition of Minecraft Legends for Nintendo Switch at a Reduced Cost Before Tomorrow’s Launch


Tomorrow marks the release of the latest spin-off in Mojang’s Minecraft universe, Minecraft Legends, and Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get it for free. However, players of Nintendo Switch and PlayStation will need to pay a retail price to try out the new action-strategy game. But if you’re a Nintendo Switch player, you can still grab the deluxe version of the game at a reduced cost of $44 via GameSpot’s exclusive promo code GAMESPOTMCFT, from Super Shop.

The deluxe edition of Minecraft Legends includes the base game and Deluxe Skin Pack DLC, which allows you to dress up your hero and their steed in exclusive cosmetic items. This includes one hero, four mount skins and an extra mount skin when available.

In Minecraft Legends, players lead troops against the Piglin hordes from a third-person perspective in a fun solo or cooperative multiplayer game. The game has received positive reviews by critics for its strategy mechanics, fun solo play and easy controls. But if you want to try other games, check out this discount for Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, and this Fanatical promotion to get up to 15 games for just $10.

As for Nintendo Switch’s upcoming games, you can also grab a discounted preorder for two upcoming games, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for $60 and Pikmin 4 for $49. So, if you haven’t preordered your copy of the games yet, then you must grab it now.

Note: Super Shop offers free shipping, and while you won’t receive the game on day one, you can expect your order to arrive within a few days.

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