Get Ready to Clash with Might & Magic: Definitive Edition on Your PS4, Switch, or PC!

David Wolinsky

Dotemu and Capybara Games are set to launch puzzle RPG Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes – Definitive Edition on PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC this summer. The game combines puzzle, RPG, and strategy elements to create a mix that will keep players on their toes. The Definitive Edition includes the original game’s downloadable content, as well as refreshed character portraits and many quality-of-life improvements. Additionally, the online mode has been fully reworked and expanded with new features and various balancing tweaks.

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is set 40 years before the Heroes of Might & Magic V saga. In the game, players follow the tale of five heroes who travel across Ashan’s different regions. Each hero must face his or her unique way to grow in strength, unveil a demonic plot, and ultimately save the world from destruction.

The game’s unique blend of genres offers a fresh and creative experience for players. From planning every move to combining attacks for puzzles inspired battle scenarios, players can upgrade their heroes and creatures to unleash devastating attacks on rivals. The game’s single-player mode offers over 20 hours of gameplay, offering players a challenging yet exciting journey. Players can also experience an addictive and extensive multiplayer mode, enabling them to build and lead their army to the top of the ladder. The multiplayer mode is available offline and online against bots or real players, in one-versus-one, two-versus-two formats, among other formats.

The game is set to significantly shake up the competitive battle games scene on PS4, Switch, and PC platforms. So, players can get ready for a fantastic summer of gaming. Keep an eye out for the game’s full launch later this year!

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