LEGO 2K Drive for Nintendo Switch’s Physical Release Comes Without the Game Card


The upcoming release of LEGO 2K Drive on the Nintendo Switch next month has a catch. The physical copy of the game which is set to be released in North America, Europe, and Japan will only include a download code that requires a microSD card. Several listings for the hard copy have highlighted that the game card is not included.

The official website of Nintendo lists that the game’s file size is 4.5GB, but additional updates may still create more space concerns for gamers. Developed with next-generation platforms in mind, LEGO 2K Drive is an open-world racer that was announced in March. However, 2K representatives have since revealed that the game will include ‘real money’ transactions and will be known as a ‘live service’ that has its own seasonal updates and a ‘Drive Pass’.

Avoid investing in the physical copy of LEGO 2K Drive if you were looking to add this to your collection. Buy the digital copy from the Nintendo eShop if you want to start preparing for the game’s release in August.

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