Joseph Staten Joins Netflix to Create a New Video Game


Netflix has hired Joseph Staten, former creative head of Halo Infinite, to develop a new video game. The game, described as a major project with a large budget and development team, will be multi-platform, which means that users can play it on different gaming devices. Staten announced the new project on Twitter, stating that he’s excited to collaborate with others to build worlds filled with iconic characters, deep mysteries, and endless adventures.

The move follows Netflix’s efforts to expand its gaming business. The streaming giant’s gaming library currently offers fifty-five titles, up from thirty-five six months ago, and it is reportedly developing forty more titles to release by the end of the year. All games are only available to Netflix subscribers, and in recent months, Netflix has acquired four gaming studios, including one for $72 million, as part of the expansion.

The video gaming industry is the largest category of entertainment earning $184 billion in 2022, more than the music and film industries combined, according to the Federal Trade Commission. And that number is only expected to grow.

Joseph Staten has a long history in video game development having worked at Microsoft and helped develop several popular titles, including “Destiny” and “Halo Infinite.”

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