Get Ready to Bid Farewell – Mad Time Party Says Goodbye to PS5 and PS4 with Inspector Gadget: Trench Coat Hang-Up This Fall!

Hayley Williams

In a surprising announcement, Microids will be launching Inspector Gadget: Mad Time Party on PS5 and PS4 this fall. The game is designed for one-to-four players and takes you to the legendary world of the famous trench-coated detective. With 16 mini-games filled to the brim and a cel-shaded look, this title offers an authentic experience that is sure to keep players entertained. 

Inspector Gadget: Mad Time Party is set in Metro City, where Dr. Claw has taken over. To save the city, Inspector Gadget must travel back in time using a time machine. Unfortunately, the machine breaks down and the inspector’s ancestors are accidentally transported to the present. Players must solve mini-game quests to unlock the bolts needed to repair the time machine and save the day. 

If you’re a fan of Inspector Gadget or enjoy spending time with family and friends, this game is surely for you. Moreover, the game’s soundtrack has been composed by Tanis Chalopin, the daughter of the Inspector Gadget series’ creator, Jean Chalopin.

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