Get Ready to Experience Gaming Like Never Before with the New Xbox Home UI – Say Goodbye to Distractions!

Hayley Williams

Xbox Insider users who are part of Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead rings can now try out the new Xbox Home UI on their consoles. Based on previous iterations of design and feedback, the new UI features a more responsive layout and a quick access menu on the top of the Home Screen.

The new quick access menu allows users to navigate easily to the games library, the store, Game Pass, search, and settings. The layout is simplified, providing more space to show case the background art. As an additional feature, users hovering over the game tile can see new art connected to each game. The UI is still in progress, so more features might be added to it.

The first row of the Home Screen now has a new button that opens ‘My Games & Apps.’ Meanwhile, testing users get to enjoy the notification feature related to relevant tiles. For instance, they might receive a notice that a particular game requires an update or a reminder of a wishlisted game that is on sale.

The team behind the new UI based the design on feedback. The previous design felt crowded, and there wasn’t enough space to enjoy art in the background. After reviewing the feedback and taking a step back from Alpha testing, the designers and QA team came up with this new version. The rest of the Xbox users will be able to test out the UI soon, and it will release the final version for everyone.

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