Get Ready to Save Big with PS Store’s Highly Anticipated Gigantic Golden Week Sale!

Hayley Williams

The PlayStation Store is set to host its annual Golden Week sale soon, according to industry insiders. The sale coincides with the Golden Week holiday in Japan and typically focuses exclusively on Japanese games.

While an official announcement from Sony is yet to drop, the US PS Store already has a Golden Week filter, which strongly suggests that the promotion is about to launch. As in previous years, the sale is expected to offer significant discounts on a range of Japanese titles, both PS4 and PS5.

A celebration week in Japan, Golden Week is usually observed between April 29th and May 5th, meaning the sale is likely to begin any day now. Japan-related sales are one of the highlights of the year for gamers, with the event offering a great opportunity to pick up Japanese games at discounted prices.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest news as we get it, and be sure to check out the PlayStation Store for all the latest offers.

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