Unleash Chaos with Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s Terminal Containment Update, Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Hayley Williams

Cold Iron Studios and Ubitus are excited to announce the release of Aliens: Fireteam Elite on the Nintendo Switch with the latest Terminal Containment Update. Starting from April 26, players can now play this immersive co-op survival shooter game on the Nintendo Switch through cloud streaming technology.

The game is set in the iconic Alien universe, where players need to work together to uncover the mysteries of planet LV-895 while eliminating the alien threat. The new ‘Terminal Containment’ update, a horde map that features a single-floor interior map with several entry points, has also arrived. Players can defend the central control room and unlock new rewards by completing 10 waves on Intense, Extreme or Insane difficulty levels, including the Duplicity weapon skin and Game Over decal.

The cloud version of Aliens: Fireteam Elite provides crossplay capabilities across all platforms, allowing players on the Nintendo Switch to team up with players on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC to fight off the Xenomorph menace together.

The game is available for $29.99 in the Nintendo eShop as well as on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation. Experience this fast-paced co-op survival shooter game today and join the fight against the Xenomorphs.


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